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Test automation platform for your Internet-of-Things device

Knilb makes testbed replication reliable, and test automation easy.  Built for your entire team across the product lifecycle.

Faster innovation for product teams

Automate tests for API-connected physical IO using Knilb.  Quicker test cycles with less effort and more reliable results.

Better customer experience

Easily replicate testbeds, and reliably test remote testbeds.  Knilb enables your team to quickly deploy testbeds anywhere.

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Knilb simplifies end-to-end testing

Automated testing of Things

Create, plan, and automatically run sequential tests for connected devices.

Safe for Things

Fail fast test automation protects the device under test from destructive operations and erroneous results.

Automated provisioning for test equipment

Seamlessly onboard test equipment from anywhere.

Consistent starting state

Ensure reliable results by easily resetting the Thing to a known state before each test.

Dashboard and Reporting

Dive deeper into test results to inspect failure points and conditions.

Patterns and sequences

Easily create complex tests for hardware and systems that include test steps the repeat or occur in a particular order.

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Try Knilb using just a laptop.   Get a feel for automating end-to-end tests with a virtual connected device and virtual test equipment. 


A complete demo implementation of a Device Under Test and Automated Test Equipment to provide a batteries-included experience using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

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